1. This is the best body shaper I've ever had. It is firm, and shapes the body perfectly, which makes me look well in all my clothes and even buy tighter clothes than I am used to; however, it is very comfortable to wear. It gives me an excellent back support and improves my posture, too, so I feel confident and comfy. The item is expensive, but I don't regret buying this aat al, because it is very sturdy and high quality in general.

2. This garment is was difficult for me to get in at first, but then it started to feel better, and I got used to it. It does shape up my body excellently, and gives me the feeling of both comfort and confidence. I used to have one garment like this before, it was size 30, and now I've switched to size 28 because I've gotten thinner, actually. The thing is too pricey, look sono bello, but the quality is worth it, I think, look analog - sono bello reviews.

3. I am very large, so I was tempted to buy a one size smaller garment to get a better result, but I'm glad I didn't. I measured myself and ordered size 40, which appeared to be very tight on me at first, so if I chose a smaller shaper, it would simply not fit me. I knew that such shapers don't do much for us bigger girls, but this one does flatten me decently, I must say. My belly still sticks out a bit, but not as much as it does without the shaper, and I do look slimmer, which make my clothes choice wider. ...more

Beat Those Winter Blues with Food

In the winter I always have less energy and feel a little down at times. I know this can be attributed to the lack of sun exposure and cold but I also feel food can play a role as well. I believe that food can really affect our mood which could lead to a sluggish, depressed state or a positive happy one.

When we eat unhealthy fats and sugars (best surce for brain memory, read this can cause our brain and body to feel a little off or tired, maybe affect our concentration and leave us feeling a little cranky. One way to avoid this is to eat less meats, cheese, candy, soda and other junk foods. Another way to combat these bad moods is to eat a lot of Good Mood Foods. ...more

Erectile Dysfunction

From television you may know that erectile dysfunction is common among elder people, but, in fact, it is spread among middle aged and relatively healthy men as well. There are several reasons why one can face a temporary erectile problem. Your sex life can significantly suffer from alcohol that is also associated with heart issues, obesity and high blood pressure. Smoking is also very harmful for your male strength. Some prescription medications can also cause erectile dysfunction.

Sometimes your libido and sexual activity may suffer from relationship with your beloved woman. Your may even lose sex drive for a long period of time. Stress is another hit against your libido. It is responsible for 20 percent of all erection problems among men. Fatigue is a common reason of erectile dysfunction in the modern world. It is recommended to exercise regularly and have enough sleep each day. Depression can cause loss of interest in sex and frequent erection problems even in young healthy men. It is very important to diagnose erectile dysfunction in time and to start proper treatment.

Sex problems may be caused by different reasons. The major of them were mentioned higher but aging is probably the most spread cause. Disability, illness, or different medicines can influence your ability to have a normal sex life. A normal aging process brings natural physical changes in men. As a result of aging, elder men can suffer from a number of health issues which it their turn have a negative impact on sex drive and abilities. ...more

Gluten Free Pasta Recipe with Roast Chicken, Asparagus and Garlic Expressions Vinaigrette Sauce

I love garlic and one of our products at Healthy Gourmet Gifts, Garlic Expressions Classic Vinaigrette Salad Dressing and Marinade, has been a staple in my kitchen since first discovering it over a year ago. Their slogan is "one taste and you'll develop a craving for more" - they ain't lyin'! I'm hooked and thank goodness, it's Gluten Free! It's wonderful having this on hand to make tasty, so cholestoff, quick and easy meals (look more cholestoff reviews).

Here's some info from the wonderful people who make this liquid gold:

"Fresh whole garlic cloves are sorted, sized and examined for quality assurance. Northern Spy apples from the shores of the Georgian Bay are used for the cider vinegar. Canola oil is fresh pressed and then the other natural ingredients and spices are blended and usually six to eight pieces of hand-scored garlic cloves are hand packed into a 12.5 fluid ounce bottle. Nutritional Information: All natural, superior quality ingredients are used in Garlic Expressions Classic Vinaigrette Salad Dressing and Marinade. It is cholesterol, preservative, additive and trans fat free and lower in calories than traditional salad dressings." ...more