1. This is the best body shaper I've ever had. It is firm, and shapes the body perfectly, which makes me look well in all my clothes and even buy tighter clothes than I am used to; however, it is very comfortable to wear. It gives me an excellent back support and improves my posture, too, so I feel confident and comfy. The item is expensive, but I don't regret buying this aat al, because it is very sturdy and high quality in general.

2. This garment is was difficult for me to get in at first, but then it started to feel better, and I got used to it. It does shape up my body excellently, and gives me the feeling of both comfort and confidence. I used to have one garment like this before, it was size 30, and now I've switched to size 28 because I've gotten thinner, actually. The thing is too pricey, look sono bello, but the quality is worth it, I think, look analog - sono bello reviews.

3. I am very large, so I was tempted to buy a one size smaller garment to get a better result, but I'm glad I didn't. I measured myself and ordered size 40, which appeared to be very tight on me at first, so if I chose a smaller shaper, it would simply not fit me. I knew that such shapers don't do much for us bigger girls, but this one does flatten me decently, I must say. My belly still sticks out a bit, but not as much as it does without the shaper, and I do look slimmer, which make my clothes choice wider.

4. This item cost me a fortune but the quality and duration was disappointing. My shaper seemed not very firm at the beginning, but I still expected it to last longer than a month! The boning broke and the shaper fell apart after such a short period. I got the right size, so I can't blame this on being too tight for me. If they charge such a huge money for their products, they could've cared at least a little more about the quality.

5. Those people who count on body shapers are so ridiculous, seriously! My aunt ordered this shaper and expected it to actually improve her body shape while she would sit near her TV watching her stupid shows, and now she is disappointed and complains about the girdle "not working". Well, how can people even expect this to work? You get thinner by eating healthily and hitting the gym, this is how the fat is burnt, and those shapers just squeeze you and then you remove it and go back to your old shape. Get real and go to the gym instead of wasting money on crap like this.

6. I don't see it working at all. The shaper itself is uncomfortable, and takes long to buckle, but I could've dealt with this if it actually made my body thinner and compressed the fat. However, after the torture of wearing this during the entire working day, I remove it and see that my body goes back to the size and shape it used to have before I even owned the shaper. It does make me look better in clothes, but it doesn't affect the body shape itself.