Erectile Dysfunction

From television you may know that erectile dysfunction is common among elder people, but, in fact, it is spread among middle aged and relatively healthy men as well. There are several reasons why one can face a temporary erectile problem. Your sex life can significantly suffer from alcohol that is also associated with heart issues, obesity and high blood pressure. Smoking is also very harmful for your male strength. Some prescription medications can also cause erectile dysfunction.

Sometimes your libido and sexual activity may suffer from relationship with your beloved woman. Your may even lose sex drive for a long period of time. Stress is another hit against your libido. It is responsible for 20 percent of all erection problems among men. Fatigue is a common reason of erectile dysfunction in the modern world. It is recommended to exercise regularly and have enough sleep each day. Depression can cause loss of interest in sex and frequent erection problems even in young healthy men. It is very important to diagnose erectile dysfunction in time and to start proper treatment.

Sex problems may be caused by different reasons. The major of them were mentioned higher but aging is probably the most spread cause. Disability, illness, or different medicines can influence your ability to have a normal sex life. A normal aging process brings natural physical changes in men. As a result of aging, elder men can suffer from a number of health issues which it their turn have a negative impact on sex drive and abilities.

Arthritis is associated with joint pain due to which sexual contact becomes uncomfortable. To relieve this pain one may need to do special exercises, have enough rest, take warm baths, and even change the timing and positions of sexual activity. Chronic pain is the one that continues for more than a month and is caused by muscle and bone conditions, poor blood circulation, shingles, or blood vessel problems. This issue can lead to depression, sleep problems, isolation, etc. These can become a barrier for intimacy between people. Chronic pain can often be successfully treated.

Another medical issues interfering with sex is diabetes. In many cases this disease can cause impotence if not treated correctly. In most cases medical treatment can be helpful. Heart disease usually causes narrowing and hardening of the arteries, so that blood does not flow freely. As a result, a man has a trouble with erections. To avoid this ask for your doctor's advice.

As you can see, there are diverse sex problems and their causes are even more diverse, but there is a way out. Manufacturers of Prol promise that you will not only last longer during sexual intercourse but also enhance your sex drive, improve your stamina and libido, increase your performance and control your ejaculations.

Each box of Prol contains 20 strips, which is a one-month's supply. One box has three containers (60 strips total). Prol contains the following ingredients in strips: Damiana extract (10 mg), Ginseng extract (10 mg) and Fenugreek seed extract.

Both ginseng extract and daminia extract make up a proper blend. Damiana Extract is well-known for its aphrodisiac properties. It perfectly improves erectile function, increases sexual stamina, relieves climax symptoms in women and enhances orgasms.

Fenugreek drives male libido and significantly raises testosterone levels. According to the laboratory research, this substance has a positive impact on sexual arousal, adds energy and enhances stamina. Ginseng Extract was found to make sex life better and increase sexual responses. Some studies have shown that it can treat male erectile dysfunction.

Other ingredients of Prol include: Peppermint extract, Pullulan - a type of starch (polysaccharide), AK sugar, Menthol, Aspertame and polyglycerol fatty acid esters. Prol is produced by a reputable old company which also manufactures other health supplements.

I haven't heard of any side effects from using Prol. However, if we look at the ingredients of the product, we can notice some theoretical side effects which can be experienced by users. Fenugreek and ginseng are able to decrease blood sugar levels. You may think that it is good for diabetics, but usually such people already take medications which lower blood sugar levels.

It's highly recommended to stop using Prol or any other supplements minimum two weeks before a planned surgery. Even though this product is mainly designed for men, some females may also take it, but pregnant or nursing women should avoid using fenugreek and supplements containing this substance. So, Prol is a completely natural, FDA approved supplement that has no practical side effects.

You may be still a young healthy person whose sex life is just perfect, but no one is protected from aging. This period of our life is simply inevitable, but when it comes you should be aware that there is a product that is always ready to help you to support your sex health. It is called Prol.

Taking Prol offers several major benefits for men. First of all, you're expected to get a better sex drive, you'll learn how to control your ejaculations and it won't be a problem for you any longer. You won't be worried with low PE but you will enjoy long lasting sex with your beloved woman. This product comes in oral strips. This technology is the only one in the world when it comes to supplements. Prol is easy to use and a safe way to forget about all sorts of erection troubles. It has a fast acting formula to get which you don't need any prescription from a doctor. You'll like its effective natural ingredients.

Prol is available in the form of oral strips. One container consists of 60 strips. It is recommended to take two strips a day to see positive results. It is advised to take 1 strip twice a day, plus 1 strip 30 minutes before having sex. Strips dissolve in only twenty seconds, so you'll experience the effect very quickly.

Prol has a lot of advantages. It is very easy on the stomach and easy to swallow. It improves sexual performance and results in longer lasting sex. You are guaranteed to enhance your sex life. Oral strips are quickly absorbed in the mouth and require lower dosing than pills. It means that they are safer and more effective than other forms of medicine. Manufacturers offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee if you're not satisfied with your purchase. You will be guided through the simple return process. Prol is easy to order.

However, there are some disadvantages about this product. It contains some substances, such as Ginseng which can be harmful for people with Diabetes. I am sure that Prol is the best offer available on the modern market. You're going to love the effect.

Prol can be purchased on its official website (get a FREE Trial and pay only $4.95 shipping). If you manage to find this product somewhere else, be very careful as its quality may be under doubtful. The product isn't available on Amazon, Walmart or GNC. Enjoy sex today!